Bedrock works with board members to equip them with the right information and best recommendations to serve their community well.

As a full-service homeowners association management company, we provide all the services you and your homeowners want from a well-managed community.

Customer Service

At the root of who we are and what we do is customer service. Our mission is to help board members build a strong foundation for their community to grow on because we genuinely care about people in the community.

Communication is an important component to building a strong community. That’s why we will be regularly and consistently reporting to the board, as well as keeping regular contact with homeowners whenever their account is affected.

This means, when a homeowner calls or emails us, we respond promptly and provide the right information to assist them. We also have an Owner Portal, where owners can check their payment history, pay their current balance, and check on the status of open tickets for maintenance or violations. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within twenty-four hours or on Monday, if received over the weekend.

We invest in people and technology to ensure we are meeting the needs and desires of homeowners in your community.

Financial Management

The finances of your association are among the most concerning areas for most board members and homeowners. Much of the concern arises from a feeling that there is a lack of transparency or explanation of what is going on with the finances.

Our accounting team is led by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Fraud examiner (CFE) who adds a higher level of expertise and guidance to associations. This allows us to both help board members and homeowners understand the financials of the association and provide guidance on the associations current state and future planning.

We have established a banking relationship with NewFirst National Bank in Sugar Land, TX. They provide associations with great products and services with local branch locations in both Sugar Land and Rosenberg. Each board member will have their own secure access to online banking to see real time transactions going in and out of your account and the account balances.

Homeowner accounts and association financials are managed through TOPS ONE, a software application designed specifically for homeowner associations. With board member access, you may view homeowner accounts and generate reports for your associations financials. Financial reports are also provided in the monthly management report.

Additionally, we will work with the board to ensure a proper reserve study is done and followed to properly build up the reserve fund to handle future expenditures on capital improvements.

Community Management

Managing a community effectively requires great communication and a firm understanding of the goals, plans, and expectations of the board members. This guides how we handle enforcement of deed restrictions, collections of assessments, management of capital improvements, and general care and maintenance of the association’s property.

Our managers conduct deed restriction violation audits and manages the architectural control committee applications using SmartWebs. This powerful tool is accessible by board members and authorized committee members.

With SmartWebs, we are able to view a map of the community and quickly identify homes with current and prior violations, approved and pending architectural control applications, and add violations while driving through the community. Violations are entered while in the community, queued for review and processing once the manager arrives back in the office, and is mailed the same or next day. We provide a photo with every violation letter and homeowners will know it is us driving through the community as we drive clearly marked Bedrock vehicles.

The Architectural Control Committee will be able to easily view, record comments, and vote to approve or deny architectural control applications using SmartWebs. This architectural control committee management tool ensures applications are fully reviewed and voted on in a timely manner. The letters can be customized and are generated through the application and mailed off immediately once decisions are recorded.

We provide ongoing formal training for our managers and conduct regular informal discussions of various situations at different associations so that our team members can gain additional knowledge. This allows are managers to be well-rounded and prepared for the many different situations that will arise in a community. Also, understanding how local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as your association’s governing documents and declarations are applied is crucial to providing good guidance to the board members. While we are not the association’s legal counsel, our experience allows us to assist the board in these areas.